View homes in Orange County, CA

View Homes in Orange County, CA

If a house with a view is a "must have", you have come to the right place! Part of your home search may have the dream of waking up to an amazing view each morning. For some buyers, it's city lights, a scenic view of a golf course, or a total panoramic vista from a living room window. For other buyers, it has to be the spectacular sight of the Pacific Ocean. Do view homes cost more? There is no doubt that they will, but how much depends on the home's location and how desirable the scene is. So why pay extra for that two story home with a beautiful view? A spectacular view will greatly increase the value of your property. Ocean views in particular can increase the value of your property from 15% to as much as 80% or more! Plus, your home will be far easier to sell. A view home is highly desirable to most buyers. Last, looking at a gorgeous panorama from your living room or backyard is just fun and enjoyable for both you and your guests! For most people, its worth the extra cost! If you are looking for a home with a view in Orange County, CA, I have created several sets of links below to assist you in your search. Have fun and enjoy the views!

Ocean view homes - Check out my other web page here specifically for ocean view homes

Porch with ocean vista

Search for view homes by view type or with specialty searches

Search for properties with a view below. I have provided links for houses with panoramic, ocean, golf course, lake, and city lights views. Also one-story homes plus pool homes with views. All of the homes below are Single Family homes except for the links for "Condos and Town homes".

ovean vista

Search for view homes by city

This search is for properties in your preferred city or area. Each of these single-family homes have a view.

* Lake Forest includes Foothill Ranch and Portola Hills
** North Tustin includes Cowan Heights and Lemon Heights
*** Rancho Santa Margarita includes the gated communities of Rancho Cielo and Walden
**** Trabuco Canyon includes the community of Wagon Wheel

Golf course vista

Search for view homes by price range

Search by price range below. Many people prefer to search within a price range, so the links below list homes for sale with either panoramic, ocean, golf course, city lights, or lake views.

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I f you are searching for a home with a view, you have come to the right place! Call me at (949) 290-3263 to show any of the homes you find on this web page. My team and I are always available! If you are looking for a home with a different view or different local city, just send me an email and I will see what I can find for you!

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